Angel Mackey

Angel Mackey Angel Mackey – Angel is from San Antonio, Texas where she has resided until her husband’s job relocated them to Atlanta Georgia in January 2020. She is a mother, a wife, and a PK (preachers’ kid). It all started in high school when she developed a passion for the hair industry. At the age of 19 she began her career as a cosmetologist. Growing up in San Antonio she had a very diverse clientele which allowed her to do all types of hair. She considers herself a multicultural hairstylist that goes beyond your ethnicity and really enjoys texture where it’s curly, straight, long, short; she can do it? Her specialty is trendy cuts and color! She has a deep super love for shortcuts. She also loves to create beautiful hair with movement and body. When she is not working in the Salon she enjoys spending quality time with her family. Worship is a priority and she loves to read and journal and exercise. She knows that God has given her a gift in her hands and she will use it to bring out the beauty in each and everyone she touches! You will be touch by an “Angel”