Color Bar

KBB Salon has both a team and an area dedicated solely to getting the perfect shade you want for your tresses.

Here’s a little information about the products we use:

MATRIX™ is a leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States, is part of L’Oreal USA’s Professional Products Division.  Matrix offers a wide range of hair care, hair color and hair texturizing products including: Biolage, Total Results, Vavoom and Design Pulse.  It was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller – and now – over 2 decades later – Matrix is one of the top choices in hundreds of thousands of salons worldwide.

COVER LINE™ is manufactured and distributed by KSHE Salon Professional Australia, formerly “Kevin Schetrum’s Hairdressing and Beauty Equipment.” KSHE has been established in Queensland since 1985 and now provides innovative color products to thousands of salons worldwide. They offer a new low irritant technology professional color that includes added natural vitamins and plant phyto-proteins for added strength and longer lasting color. Their formulations include grapefruit extract, Vitamins, B, C, D & E, rice and wheat amino acids and they are extremely low in ammonia.

Considering coloring your hair?

• Are you in a rut? Just want to try something new? 
New hair color is an easy, low commitment way to try out a brand-new-you! When surveyed, guess what’s the most cited reason women give for changing their hair color? If you guessed “I just needed a change!” you are absolutely correct. Let’s face it – we’re all human. We all feel like we need to ‘switch things up’ every now and then. It’s a lot easier to change your hair color than it is to change jobs, families or cities. If you’ve been rocking the same length / choppy bob since the early ‘90s – and you think it’s time to change something – instead of going to a pixie cut – consider a fresh, new color!

• Are you thinning? If your thinning is due to temporary issues (hormones, stress, etc.) – once that issue has been resolved, you might want to try color. Even if your thinning is a simple result of lower estrogen production due to aging – you might want to try color. The only time color is NOT recommended is if your hair is already damaged, stressed or overprocessed.

• Are you graying but not quite ready to be a silver fox? Blame it heredity or diet (steroid filling poultry and super GMA vegetables) . . . some people just gray early. These days it seems that everyone knows someone who started graying in their teens or early twenties. But did you know that gray or silver hair reflects light which can make the hair look thin. Gray hair is also very close to the natural color of your scalp. This can trick the eye into thinking you have bald or thinning spots. If you’re happy with your overall hair color, but don’t like graying – consider a semi-permanent rinse.

Still worried? Don’t be! Color therapy has experienced so many improvements over the years – especially with regards to semi-permanent hair coloring. No longer do you have to worry about stained linens or hair color ‘bleeding’ in humidity or due to perspiration. Those technological improvements, coupled with our knowledgeable team makes your decision a real no-brainer!

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